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Did you know that 95% of people think and claim that they are self-aware about how they think?

The truth is only 15% are actually aware.

Being aware of the self is the prerequisite to success.


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Thinking is like a genie. It allows the brain to perform any task by merely pushing a button. Thinking only prompts action. 

Understanding the brain types is crucial.


Mybraindesign® is a mirror of our thinking preferences laid out in the two-by-four model.


It is backed by the experiments carried out by Nobel prize-winning scientist Dr. Roger Sperry and also propounded by stalwarts in the field such as Dr Kobus Neethling & Dr Ned Hermann.


The brain is formed of four fundamental lobes. Each person has a distinct mix of the growth of this brain. The two fundamental brains which evolved in the process of evolution are the limbic and rational brains.


The rational brain allows us to focus on the task and think logically and find the solutions to problems. The limbic system or the emotional brain is impulsive. It is where our basic instinctive and motivational behaviours arise.

The frontal part also called the frontal lobe is responsible for judgment, planning, memory, speech, and execution. The portions at the back - parieto-occipital are responsible for visuospatial processing. The temporal lobe is responsible for the comprehension of sounds. 


Understanding the unique combination of strength in each individual and then placing them on a path where they can most leverage their strength is the "Magic of my brain design"

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Mybraindesign® is a snapshot of the type of decision-making abilities you possess.


Your thinking only prompts actions.


The Mybraindesign maps are visual representations of a person’s brain type.


The fundamental types of the brain are labeled from types 1 to 4. Each person presents a combination of dominant brain types. 


Mybraindesign maps allow one to understand how one behaves, acts, communicates, takes decisions, and learns.

The Mybraindesign® tool has been validated and scientifically tested. 

The AI career module then matches also the interests, holland's hexagonal styles, financial abilities, subject interests, and family possibilities to give a perfect match for the career options. 

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Mybraindesign is a descriptive, non-judgmental analysis, with no profile being better or worse than another. Instead, the report gives a description of an individual’s thought preferences, and makes recommendations based on those.

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