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Our Approach Through Mybraindesign®  is simple & powerful

You can simply download our app and choose the outcome you are seeking. We facilitate your future decisions in various life situations using our proprietary algorithms.

You could be a parent willing to help your high school or secondary school child to help them plan the best future.


You can be a post-college student browsing for help in mapping your future life's path. You may be seeking help as an adult wanting to get more out of life for your job or relationships.


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Anatomical Correlation to the BRAIN TYPES

The front portions of the brain are responsible for type 1 thinking while the parietal and occipital brains link with type 2 thinking. The limbic or emotional cortex takes care of type 3 and 4 thinking.

Decoding your unique BrainPrint and design your personalised life blueprint.


Type 1 Brain allows for analysis and deep inquiry of the data. This is where our ego centric self resides.

Type 2 Brain type allows for imagination and visual processing. It is a key brain required for strategic thinking

The type 3 brain allows for planning and execution. It is the brain which kicks and fires as you do something.

The type 4 brain allows you to explore emotions with depth. Understanding others is not possible without this brain.

The Mybraindesign® brain type allows one to understand how he or she makes decisions. It allows them to understand the underlying strengths and weaknesses that they possess.


Mybraindesign® provides a powerful visual explanation for why children or adults approach situations in a particular way. 


The remarkable complexity of the brain has shown that human beings cannot credibly be divided up into a fixed number of types or groups of people who are unable to act outside of their cognitive abilities.  While at the same time, By figuring out the underlying powers that one possesses, one can win and thrive in the world of work.

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