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A BYOB-Build Your Own Brain program allows to grow and develop the areas of the brain  you wish & also what you should to lead a happy and purposeful life . 

Embrace the potential of the brain through cutting edge Neuroscience right from the school.


The world’s credible whole brain optimization training program with 4 power outcomes that are scientifically designed to uncover and boost each child’s hidden brain’s potential, make learning easier & hence get exam marks a child’s play, help plan the extracurricular & hobbies without overwhelming the brain  & helping also plan for the 21st-century skills and career choices right from the high school.

The 4X BRAIN designed for making a deep impact in the life of children 12 to 17 years of age.

The world’s credible whole brain optimization training program with 4 power outcomes that’s scientifically designed to uncover and boost each child’s hidden brain’s potential. The power brain outcomes are as follows-

  1. Deep dive inside the potentials of the brain through a Mybraindesign map. Draw the SORT map indicating the strengths, opportunities, resistances and techniques to overcome the resistances for the children. 

  2. Develop personalized learning techniques for children. The program has given up to 50% acceleration in marks for students across the workshops.

  3. Design career choices wisely and scientifically matching the needs for the 21st century

  4. Develop successful brain habits through power hack Neuroscience habits and techniques. Learn about the top brains and their hacks. 

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Bringing Visible Change For Life

What is 4X brain?

The program helps uncover the following questions for a parent or a teacher.

1. What is the learning style of the child? Go beyond the traditional VAK-Visual, auditory or kinesthetic and embrace the Neuroscience based modules for learning.

2. What are the inherent hidden potentials of the child?

3. What are the ideal hobbies for a child?

4. How to harness the academic qualities of the child to the fullest?

5. Is the child's seating arrangement proper in the class?

6. What special teaching methodologies are required to adopt for making learning a fun-filled activity?

7. How to make children socially adept ?


How is it delivered?



The program is delivered through our designated 4Xbrain centers worldwide.It is available as summer and winter curriculums

The overview of the modules :

  • The Mybraindesign assessment module

  • The SORT- Strength, opportunity, resistance, and techniques to overcome the resistance module

  • The relationship module

  • Smart hobbies module for 21st century

  • Perfect learning  styles 

  • Whole brain capabilities

  • Smart career choices exploration and designing the right career choice for the students


What are the outcomes expected post the program?


Our Outcome Promise

1. Almost 100% clarity for each student's innate strengths

2.10% Advancement in exam performance if the techniques are utilized properly and practiced

3. A healthy parent-child interaction and communication

4. Expansion of career vocabulary ( knowing career options ) from an average of 20 to 100. Our published results show the average awareness about the number of careers in a high school is merely 10.

5. Designing the life path and carving the right hobbies and extracurricular skills well in advance in high school.

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We have interviewed the best brains in the world of work from multiple fields and applied the Mybraindesign assessment with the QEEG / volumetric MRI brain.


We have explored the success formula. We have some stunning insights.

We want the children to mirror such brains.

Exposing young students to the life-size library of successful brains across the globe and making them explore their best brain habits.

If you want to participate in our program, contact us. 

Check out the interviews here........


The illiterate of the 21st century is not the one who cannot read or write, but the one who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn

- Alvin Toffler

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